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Spiritual Detox Programme Reflections

All of us go through different seasons of life, some turbulent, others ambient. Mostly in seasons filled with turbulence, we feel like our soul is reaching.


Ever had a yearning to feel grounded, but you find yourself soaring on unhelpful activities that further impact negatively on your soul? Well, this is because of the make-up of human beings. We tend to look towards transformation from the outside in, for instance, by adorning exclusive clothing labels; vacationing; studying further; going to the gym; etc. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing bad about these things but when you are looking for a completely transformed life, the place to start is not on the outside, with a focus on your physique; but rather on the inside, with the heart, your soul. Proverbs 4:23 says we should guard our heart because from it flows the springs of life.

When I first completed the spiritual detox two years ago, I’d felt like something was missing from my life. Life was so hectic and it felt like most of my days were just going by with a great disconnect from who I knew myself to be. As much as I couldn’t pinpoint to what was really wrong or bothersome to me, I knew that life shouldn’t be the way it was. My soul was in tatters and I didn’t know why. My soul was lurking in places it had no business to loiter in. And so the soul searching began. This has continued each year, since then.


Here are some lessons I learnt from this year’s 18 day detox programme:

  1. A thought is just as powerful as the spoken word. We tend to think that we are good people without toxic thoughts towards ourselves and others. Fearful toxic thoughts come up for me when I think of the need to safeguard my resources. It is all good and well to do this but if it comes from a place of fear, then this is evidence of some unresolved hurt from past experiences (lived or evidenced in someone’s life).

The toxicity from our critical thoughts will attack you when you or someone have done something really well but instead of immersing yourself in applause or celebration, it will whisper: “I could have done it better”. It is important to understand the source of your thought patterns. Acknowledging their existence is equally important because this awareness will bring to light how your thoughts have impacted your life and your relationships. The thoughts we have of ourselves, others and the world we live in should not imprison but liberate us.

"You get to choose which thoughts you want to host in your mind. Choose to be liberated instead of imprisoned." Refilwe Ramatlhodi Ndhlovu

2. Discontentment breeds ungratefulness. When you are discontent, you are oblivious to the blessings around you. This state of being drives you to moan and groan about this and that. It lets you complain and compare. Being grateful however does not mean settling for a mediocre life. You can have a grateful heart but still yearn for more. Something that we struggle with as human beings is yearning for things that are misaligned to what God requires of us. And because of this, which I believe is driven by our unbelief, we are resistant to carrying out what God asks of us. Unfortunately, the same resistance is what keeps us away from the fulfilment of the contentment that God has promised. Read that again so you fully grasp it.

“Discontentment makes it difficult to obey God’s commands.” Refilwe Ramatlhodi Ndhlovu