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Bible Plans to inspire and encourage you in your walk of faith are now available on the Bible App (YouVersion). Click the links below to access them:

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For many of today’s women, it may seem that the women in the Bible are anything but relatable in respect of being mentors, leaders, and game-changers. However, a close inspection of how these women in the Bible carried themselves reveals how vigorous and tenacious they were; characteristics that the women of today need to amplify in their lives to ensure alignment with what God requires of them.

What is your understanding of God’s love? What’s the basis of your love towards yourself and others? Jesus said the greatest commandment is to LOVE the Lord our God and to love others the way we love ourselves. The 3-day plan will help refine the depth of your love for God, your ability to love yourself, and the measure in which you love others.

Refilwe Ramatlhodi Ndhlovu.png

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