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Extraordinary living for ordinary peeps

We are all ordinary people with extraordinary capabilities. BUT, unless you believe in your extraordinary capabilities, you will continue to walk ordinarily, lacking a zest for life. Some deterrents to us living extraordinarily are when we are consumed by imposter syndrome, which leaves us uninspired and fearful. Fear holds us captive in many ways and stifles our innate will to go beyond the barriers we sometimes create for ourselves. Most times fear is clothed in the desire for perfection. This desire deprives us of a lot of goodness and greatness that comes with living an extraordinary life.

Extraordinary living requires you to step out of your comfort zone to do things you are scared to do. Things you were once told you weren’t good enough for. Extraordinary living requires you to speak up when necessary, to stand up and raise your hand. It’s about standing for something.

Reflection point: Who are you? What do you stand for? What are your values? Remember, when you have values that you live by, it means you do stand for something and will speak up for it.

Extraordinary living is about allowing yourself to walk courageously without cowering. It is about trying out your hand at something you’ve never done before. And even when it doesn’t work out the way you thought it would, taking the lessons learnt and using them as a stepping stone for the next adventure.

Extraordinary living is all about exploring. When you are out exploring, you never really know everything you’ll come across. But because of the thrill and excitement, you meander through meadows, river streams and trail up the hills, in anticipation for something magnificent. Something that will capture your heart and take your breath away to make the expedition worthwhile. Although you may not know what magnificent things you’ll see, it’s the thrill and the buoyance of your spirit that keep you going. With each step you take forward, you get closer to newer discoveries. What you do with these new discoveries is what will lead you into your extraordinary journey. What you do with it will define your next adventure; from ordinary and straight into the extraordinary lane.

Reflection point: What action steps are you going to take to experience this extraordinary life that’s been prepared for you?

Remember, your extraordinary life eagerly awaits you but you need to take action!

So, what’s your move? If you are unclear and require support, click below to book your complimentary coaching session.

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