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What in the balance?

New year, same old. Same old. Right? Not entirely!

As the year progresses, holidays over with back to school and work pressures mounting, I realise that I am in a new year but the deliverables required from me have not changed.

Like many, I wear a lot of hats and with each task and the next thing to do, some days I feel like I am going crazy. Honestly, between work, raising an ambitious young girl, being a wife, being a sister, a mentor, a coach, a podcaster and fulfilling my foundation work, I tend to feel like I am floating through life, stuck in a hamster wheel and not really touching the ground.

The many hats I wear fulfil me but can it can get daunting at times. So this year, I decided to theme my year: “The year of balance”. This is especially important to me because I am at a stage in my life where I feel like I need to pause and breathe. I need to feel that I am living a life that is balanced and steady. I was saying to my husband the other day that this year I want to feel my feet touching the ground. He then asked me what that meant for me and I’ve categorised what I resolved under these pillars. I hope they are helpful to you too.

  • Be present: Because we wear many hats, we can get caught up in hamster-wheel kind of lifestyle which leaves us breathless, overwhelmed and depleted. Being present means that you are mindful of the things you do because when you are engaged in them, you are focused sorely on what your are doing. If you are playing with your child for example, you are fully engrossed in the play time and you aren’t looking at clock, thinking about the next thing you have to be doing (I call this clock-watch parenting). Being present may require scaling down on the things you have on your to-do list or to-attend list.

Tip: If you are easily distracted, remove distractions in close range of what you are doing. Focus on being in the moment and enjoying what it has to offer you.
  • Saying NO: No is a full sentence. If you didn’t know, now you know. Saying no without being guilt-ridden


is something I want to continue doing this year. There’s people and tasks that suck the life out of us and unless they are critical to my family’s livelihood, I will be saying no to these. Mathew 5:37 tells us “let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes,’ and your ‘No,’ ‘No.’ Don’t say yes to things you really want to say no to (may I add here that, you should equally never say no to things you should be saying yes to”). If you suffer from people pleasing, learning to say no will empower you in many ways. Saying no to things that don’t serve u