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Blooming time is here

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

What a privilege it is to witness another spring season.

For a number of reasons, spring is my favourite season. I love the sound of the birds happily chirping in the morning. After a harsh winter time, flowers and trees bloom to show off their magnificent colours. The grass is greener. The air smells fresh and pure. I also love the feeling of the warm sun against my skin.

When spring knocks, I always use the time to reflect back on the year and what is still to come. This gives me renewed energy and refreshes my soul as I journey on to finish the year strong.

I couldn’t agree more with this statement by Christina Rosetti: "Spring is when life's alive in everything." The season of spring is about renewal, rejuvenation and refreshment. After a typically cold season, this is an opportune time get out of the rut, bask in the fullness of what this new season has in store for you and blossom. Allowing ourselves to blossom will bring about a sense of purpose, renewed energy and perspective, and ultimately, pure joy.

We tend to think that our joy comes from external forces such as people, assets, activities, etc. Don’t get me wrong, those things do make us cheerful but the feeling is temporary. Sometimes, we mask our inner feelings by engaging or preoccupying ourselves with external forces in search of joy, and a sense of belonging. I do this sometimes. When I feel the need to release or ease my tension, I go shopping. My weakness is book sales and items I can give away as gifts. How about you?

We do these things oblivious to the fact that our joy is found on the inside of us and cannot be fulfilled fully by what’s on the outside. Like Albert Einstein said, “If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.” Oscar Wilde echoed this sentiment when he said, “A flower blossoms for its own joy”.

Reflect: what are you in search for? What will make you blossom?

As spiritual beings, we need to take regular stock of where our hearts are, and where our souls are lurking. When we don’t do this, we suffer and as a result, can’t BLOOM as we are meant to. This status quo keeps us in the rut, feeling heavily burdened and tortured by things the world throws at us. And to be honest, sometimes we are unaware of our contribution to how our life has panned out because we are so prone to shifting blame from ourselves to others.

In autumn, the trees shed off their leaves and lay bare for the duration of the winter season. And then when spring comes, behold, new leaves start to blossom. This should teach us that it is a beautiful thing to let dead things go. The dead things in our lives may be characterised by our habits and a mind-set that does not empower us to BLOOM. When we let these things go, we get to live life that is purposefully aligned.

For this alignment to magnify in our lives, we need to detox regularly. Not just what we intake through our mouths but our spirit as well. It is true, if you can’t name a dead thing that’s holding you back, then it will continue hosting itself in your life. You have to name it. You have to call it out for what it is. Doing this will support your BLOOMING journey.

Are you tired and need a new lease on life? Then sign-up for the annual online spiritual detox – it is certainly time to BLOOM. The good news is that, the 18-day detox is free.

In her spring day Facebook post, Nthabeleng Rammile wrote: “today is spring day… the beginning of the beginning… Keep this in mind as you begin: when alone, mind your thoughts, when you are with friends, mind your tongue, when you’re in a group, mind your behaviour, when you are angry, mind your temper and when God blesses you with abundance, mind your ego.”

There’s no better beginning than a spiritual detox. Throughout the 18 days, you will receive daily prompts that will help you unpack your thought patterns, habits and behaviours that have chirped away at your soul. All you need to bring is yourself, an open heart, a journal and a pen.

To BLOOM, click on the image below to sign-up now!

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