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6 reminders for the new season

YES! Finally! Spring has sprung and we are here, waiting on the flowers to bloom. But don't just wait for the flowers to bloom, join in the camaraderie and BLOOM too. What do you have to lose? Well, if you don't know where to begin, here are some tips and reminders to get you started.

  1. DO IT AFRAID. Waiting for perfection is a delay of your greatness and awesomeness. This has been my theme for the year and I must say, I have really stepped up! Everyday, I wake up and decide to be awesome and do it anyway. So whatever it is that's been holding you back, command it to slide to the side so you can spring up and be awesome, whilst doing it afraid. What matters is that you showed up.

  2. Be mindful of how your thoughts and surroundings affect you. What thought patterns are you indulging? Are they helpful? Do they move you forward or keep you stagnant? Remember that the way you think, affects how you see, feel, react, and behave. Additionally, what you surround yourself with also impacts on your overall health and wellness. Whatever you are seeking, make sure to surround yourself with exactly that.

  3. Practice gratitude daily. Be grateful, even in the "little" things. A heart full of gratitude allows you to live a fuller life. A life that is not focused on deficits but on what you have been blessed with.

  4. Be positive. A positive attitude toward life is a recipe toward living a fuller life. What does it help to be negative anyway?

  5. Stay authentic. Be true to who you are. Don't get swayed by the noise around you or about what people say about you. Remember whose you are and what you are about. This way, you will always be lead into what's meaningful for you and toward your life's purpose.

  6. Be kind to yourself and others. You cannot extend to others what you haven't extended to yourself. Practice self-love as it is one of the ingredients of being kind to yourself. Affirm yourself, rest, relax, spoil yourself, have fun, the list is endless, but whatever you do, make sure it makes your heart sing.

Remember, you've been designed to thrive and not just survive. So go out there and BLOOM!

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Tumelo Tjale
Tumelo Tjale
08 de set. de 2021

Super true and beautiful. Love it !

09 de set. de 2021
Respondendo a

Absolutely! Thank you for your lovely comment!

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