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Staying connected to the main source

Journal entry: 13.04.2023 - Reflecting on how important it is to stay connected to God in everything.

I'm learning but also reminded today that I need to consistently involve God in everything I do especially in my space of corporate work. The realisation that a lot can go wrong and the powerlessness that comes with it has weighed on me a lot recently when working on a certain project at work. I realised that despite things not going as planned (super wrong), I could not just back down and let things be. A strong conviction pushed me into finding workable solutions to the challenges I was faced with. Despite resistance from management, I didn’t let down. I pitched new ideas and pushed for things to happen. A turnaround strategy, if you will.

I believe all of this happened because I trusted in what God was pushing me into. I didn’t realise it as I was going through it until I opened my Bible App this morning at 4am. The verse of the day was about me being the branch and God the vine (John 15:4-5). The guided prayer section led me to a verse which spoke about decision-making in Christ (Colossians 3:15). All of these were confirmation that abiding in God will yield good fruit. The project continued and didn’t collapse because I allowed myself to be led by God - though unconsciously the time - asking Him for intervention. In that moment of reflection, I realised that my prayers for God’s intervention weren’t formal and well constructed that’s why it didn’t occur initially that I had sought God’s face in all of this.

This made me think of these things:

  • How much more impactful can our lives be if we were a lot more intentional about seeking God consciously and walking our journeys of life with Him?

  • How many times do we miss His voice because there’s too much noise, negativity, around us?

  • How many times do we go silent and just retreat even in things we know we should be fighting hard for?

Some key points here:

  • God has put us in the positions we are in for a reason.

  • Impact and change is always experienced when we do things differently.

  • Giving up should not be an option if there’s a solution that can still be explored.

  • Powerlessness is a state of mind. Be resolute in stepping into your power.

  • Only let go when you’ve pushed boundaries countless times with no results. It is equally wise to know when to stop pursuing something.

  • Peace in decision-making stems from when your decisions are aligned with God. To bear good fruit, we have to stay intentionally rooted in something more solid than our pride and ego. That something is God.

Walk with great determination, not deterred by challenges and obstacles you will find on your path. Always remember that your position is an appointment by God.

Which area of your life do you need to invite God to take the lead today?

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