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Unlock your full potential using these two simple actions

The other day as I was going through my daily devotional, a fresh perspective struck me as I read the story of Moses and God’s encounter at the burning bush in Exodus 3. Many times, the call for obedience beckons but because of our internal state of affairs (SOAs), we are quick to look the other way either in ignorance or denial. I’ve previously shared my perspective about Moses' calling on this Podcast episode. Do listen in 😊

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The fresh perspective I got taught me that in as much as we may come up with excuses regarding why we cannot carry out what God is requesting of us, for us to realise our full potential, and live life according to God’s call, there are two things we need to practice.  

1.       Be vulnerable through transparency. We need to be open with God about our fears, feelings and how we see things. Literally, about everything. Only humility and our desire to obey him can lead us to this surrendered posture. When God told Moses what he needed to do, he did not hold back in sharing his doubts, and pointing out his shortcomings. But God gave him reassurance - using various means He reassured Moses that because He is a dependable God, he should not worry about his deficiencies. He showed him signs which helped amplify Moses’ faith. He even let Moses’ cousin walk the journey with him so he can fulfil the mandate he was called for.


What struck me with the latter is that although God acknowledged Moses’ shortcomings, He didn’t see them as hindrances to what needed to be fulfilled. Secondly, although God sent Moses help via his brother, He didn’t take him off duty. The help was there, provided for, but Moses still needed to take the lead. This taught me that just because God has sent someone or people (even resources) to help you, that does not absolve you of your responsibility to fulfil what you’ve been called to do. The helpers are there to walk the journey with you. The tools and resources are there to enable you to do the required work. Together with God, you will achieve and carry out His purpose. However, you cannot reach this level with a shortfall of vulnerability.


Vulnerability is a posture of dependence and humility. Without it, the ego will continue to compromise our partnership with our Maker, thus suppress our God-given abilities to do far more than we dream of.

Reflection points:

  • Which areas do you need to be vulnerable in?

  • What do you need to share with God right now?


2.       Be proactive. Olivia Spencer has been quoted saying “the way to bring about change is to be proactive and active”. I love this because it really talks to the importance of playing an active role in creating the life that you were born to live. Being proactive encompasses the willingness to do what you can to ensure the fulfilment of what God has placed you here on earth for. When you look at the journey the Israelites had traversed, you will witness significant highs and lows which required a demonstration of great faith. For example, in having to cross the river Jordan, the leaders had to step into the water first before it could part, allowing everyone else to cross over to safety. If they had not done this, the enemy would’ve caught up with them, resulting in their defeat.


This taught me that being proactive is a measure of faith. It is about playing our part and walking by faith in accordance with what we hope for and have prayed for. In addition, proactivity requires partnership with God. When we become proactive in things that are misaligned to the path that God desires for us, it always ends in tears, strife, and debilitating feelings of failure. The leaders acted in partnership with God and what He promised was therefore fulfilled.


Being reactive stunts our growth and our faith. Proactiveness yields the opposite - increasing our desired growth and faith, making us successful in our endeavours.  


Reflection points:

  • What have you been reactive in, leading you to procrastinate on the things you know very well you need to get started on?

  • What is your action plan?

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Fif this very informative I am really learning a lot from you Village conversation. 2024 decided to take step of Faith for so many things that I wanted to do in my life. I have been procrastinating praying about it until I let go of Fear, decided to put the armor of God and trust him in my life.

Feb 08
Replying to

Thank you - I’m glad it’s helpful for you. ✨✨✨

Fear cripples and corners us into inactivity. Then we end up living unfulfilled lives. I am so glad that your faith trumped over it. I am so proud and inspired by your bold spirit 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽💚

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