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Pruning season, OUCH!

Ever wondered why the pruning #season can be so harsh and aggressive? When trees and plants get pruned, I can only imagine how naked and exposed they feel. Nevertheless, the truth is, in all its harshness, we (the plants, trees and human beings) need to go through pruning because we can’t bloom if old leaves or buds are still there. We have to let them fall off freely. For the stubborn ones that won’t fall off freely, we have to help them by pluck them off.

This was my #reflection when I realized that my plant might be dying. Although the flower petals on the stems were half-dead, I kept watering the plant, in the hope that they will bloom again. When I realized that wasn’t going to happen, I started taking them off, one by one. As I did that, I felt a release from within. A release #symbolic of me letting go of the things that were holding me back from my growth, from being and living life the way God had designed it for me. I wondered, why do we keep watering dead places, hoping to revive them, when in fact, something greater and better is waiting for us in the horizon. Something that God has prepared for us.

With that in mind, one by one, I plucked the #flower petals off. But worry was subletting in my mind, so when it kicked in, wanting to halt me in my tracks, my husband and daughter assuringly said: “they will grow again”. With that, my daughter roughly pulled one out. I asked her to be gentle or leave it to me to tender. She did. Anyway, I didn’t buy what they said about the flowers growing back, so I took a closer look and of course, I found a flaw. One of the branches was turning brown and the already waning hope of that plant ever blooming diminished even further.

Isn’t this the same with how we sometimes approach #life? But how do I get out of it, you may ask?

Well, during a season of pruning, be careful where you place your focus. Where you place your focus can either help build you up, to get you to your blooming season or drag you so low that you never get to experience the beautiful season awaiting you.

Now what do you do in the season of pruning?

Practice #gratitude daily. Everyday, reflect on the things that you are grateful for. Counting your blessings daily shapes our perspectives and outlook on life. Because it’s in our nature to always be chasing from one thing after the ther, we tend to overlook or recognise the “little miracles” we experience daily. For instance, the gift of breath, and a healthy heart beat. The gift of access to clean water, a hot shower and functional five senses.

The entitlement bred by our egoistic ways tells us that, that’s what these should be doing anyway. It’s their job. But realise that in that moment, when you think about that, in that way, how privileged you are to actually be having all of that. Think about someone who is on the incubator right now, fighting for breath. Think about another whose lights were cut off yesterday because of their municipal account being in arrears. Their hot water and lights are now a distant memory. Think about that mother on the street, who fled from her country, hoping for a better life in a foreign country for her family but yet finding herself, child in tow, begging for her daily bread. Think about that.

Think about everything then look around at what you have and are able to do and accomplish daily without hassles. Reflect on these things daily and practice gratitude. You may be waiting for change too; waiting to be unleashed. But remember that for a transformational shift to happen you have to be comfortable with sitting in discomfort. During the pruning season, there’s a lot of discomfort. When you are present enough, not running away or deflecting, you will actually feel it take a toll on all your senses, even in parts of your body that you never knew existed. But then again, this is what’s needed for real transformation to happen. Another important thing to do during this season is to remember to take time out and be gentle with yourself.

Back to my flower. I am not sure if the flower will bloom again, but I solicited advice from a neighbor with green fingers, so I am hopeful it will. However, if doesn’t, then it is also ok. After all, such is life. What should be restored, will be restored. Pruning is about making space for something new. So I am ready for whatever may come. I will embrace it and continue practicing gratitude for what is.

If you are going through such a season and are finding it hard to navigate, book a coaching session with me. The first session is on me, use the link below to book:

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