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We are One.

Whilst doing research on a topic very close to my heart, the concept of oneness kept echoing in my spirit.

As a human race, the lives we lead are typically filled with experiences that shape the cause of our humanity, whether directly or indirectly. These experiences don’t start when we can make sense of them, but they start as early as the formative years of our lives. The truth is we are born from people with different ideals. Their influence upon our lives carve the human experience we will have growing up, thus impacting on the ideals we’ll uphold when we become older.

Sometimes we uphold their values and other times, we don’t. When we willingly uphold their values simply because that is what we also staunchly believe in, a sense of peace and pride swells up in them. However, when we don’t, friction and tension is bound to well up to the surface.

Growing up, I was always in conflict with my father about things I labelled as unfair parental practices (check this Instagram post about what I caught myself doing – talk about unconsciously letting history repeat itself).

One of the things that created conflict between us was when he would tell me not to go out with my friends because “I would get caught up in the bad stuff”. I never understood why he would refrain me from what he cited as bad and terrible, yet something he actively participated in. I thought to myself “the bad stuff will happen to you too because you are human?” Of course, on occasion when I blurted out what I was thinking, I would get a big lashing for it. He was quite militant about all of this. I guess my question about oneness started then but I was too young to understand or to conceptualise the magnitude of this concept.

Oneness dispels the myth that other people are better than others. This Animal Farm kind of human experience we are orchestrating is not sustainable. It truly cannot not be, because oneness is a unification of the human race. A reminder that we are all born to serve a purpose on this earth and cannot do significantly much without the next person. There’s prominent literature I can quote here but let me draw your attention to this scripture from the Bible, 1 Corinthians 12:12-27 (please read it in full.) The message in this scripture paints a distinct picture that oneness means opposites coming together.

The success of this unity, collaboration, co-creation and affinity is depended on how harmonious the opposites come together. Oneness is about appreciating how different we are but yet embracing our differences by being inclusive. To step into oneness, we need an inclusive approach to humanity, which in turn requires unconditional positive regard. Made popular by humanistic psychologist, Carl Rogers in 1956, unconditional positive regard is “the basic acceptance and support of a person, regardless of what the person says or does”.

Oneness does not other because of visible or invisible differences but rather, embraces wholly. Oneness means, I respect you. I see you and acknowledge you simply for existing alongside me as a fellow human being. Oneness is about acceptance. Oneness creates belonging because it is underlined by unconditional love. ~ Refilwe Ramatlhodi Ndhlovu

So let us close the gap and be truly One in our way of being. The journey starts with us (the self), embracing ourselves wholly; being loving and kind to ourselves; respecting ourselves; feeling a sense of belonging within ourselves; acknowledging and accepting ourselves as unique persons and acknowledging that our differences bring splendour to humanity.

We are One is about the power of togetherness. Like the African Proverb says, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”.

To ensure the impactful sustainability of the human race, we need to remember that WE ARE ONE. Keeping this etched on our souls will remind us to be intentional about the impact of our actions toward one another.

Reflect: How are you embracing oneness in your way of life?

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