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Shhh... I don't want to talk


Ever felt the need to be quiet and not utter a single word?

But how do you do it when you are a mom, a wife, a 9-5er, an entrepreneur, a student, a leader, etc. in such a busy, noisy world?

Mom, I don’t want to talk today. I’d like to be quiet.” Bontle first said these words when she was just 6 years old. After picking her up from aftercare, she’d had a long, tiring day, and did not have the energy to answer the daily check-in questions I shot at her after each pickup.

At first I was offended (I mean, who rejoices when being shushed by a young child - yes, this is egotistical parenting). But as I drove quietly, I used the time to reflect on what she said. In that 20 minute drive home, I realised the importance of listening to ourselves, our children and expressing ourselves in ways that truthfully and authentically represent us.

3 lessons from this experience:

  1. In listening to ourselves, we give ourselves permission to feel and BE. Sitting with our emotions opens us up to new worlds that may be hidden to us as we continue in our hamster-living type of life.

  2. Listening to our children lets them know that their voice matters and what they have to say is important.

  3. When we allow space to listen to ourselves, we are able to express ourselves in meaningful ways that truly represent who we are and what we are about.

Bontle saying those words on that day, has since given me permission to also ask for quiet time when I need it without feeling guilty that I’m neglecting her. That day, she liberated me from a lot of Mom-guilt a lot of us carry.

“silence is golden”


We’ve all heard this phrase.