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Back to school cheat guide: Lunch box edition

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Following multiple disastrous takes on prepping school lunch for my daughter, I have finally found some rhythm. To be honest, I sobered up when Bontle told me she no longer wanted bananas and yoghurt as part of her school lunch.

Listen, I must admit, I wasn't as woke because when the creche said "pack snacks, e.g. yoghurt and banana", that's literally what I packed her E-V-E-R-Y-D-A-Y! Although these were her favourite things to eat, girl got tired of me and finally spoke up. When she did, I had no idea what to substitute those two items with.

This is what brought me on this journey, giving birth to YUM TUMS.

YUM TUMS is all about nutritious and wholesome school lunches as well as party treats (party packs). Healthy food habits are important to cultivate in our kids from a young age. So if your child is still in their formative years, this is an opportune time to hone these habits. And if your child is older, this may be challenging but teaching your child about the importance of certain foods and how they benefit them may go a long way, instead of forcing it on them without providing context. Explore and try out new things together.

Since I started sharing the school lunches I pack for Bontle, I’ve been getting requests from Moms asking for some tips on what to pack their bundles of joy for lunch. A common misconception is that packing a healthy school lunch is tricky and expensive but with planning, it can all be a breeze and turn out affordable.

So with this in mind, I’ve outlined some things to consider below when packing lunch for your kids. These can be used for household planning too and of course those healthy, nutritious work lunch boxes.