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5 “Unconventional” things I’ve taught my daughter

They are “unconventionally” necessary! A UNICEF report on early childhood development has outlined that the formative years, ages from 0 to 8, in our children’s lives are the most important ones “for cognitive, social, emotional and physical development”. During these years, children absorb what ultimately moulds them into the type of adults they will become.

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Unconventional Parenting

So with this in mind, my parenting journey has been a very intentional one. Below I share some of the things deemed as unconventional by society, which I’ve taught my daughter, Bontle (8).

1. Big people don’t know everything

Bontle fondly calls all adults “big people”. I’ve taught her that we, as “big people” don’t know everything. Yes, we know a lot of things but definitely not everything. When she curiously asks questions and I don’t know the answer, I always respond with “I am not sure but will do some research so we learn together”.

2. Big people make mistakes too

And we should acknowledge them and apologise (to our kids too) when we do. This is about teaching our children that no one is above the law. It teaches them humility and builds character. As care givers, we are modelling behaviours for our children – let’s model the right ones. If we want them to behave in a certain way, they have to first see it and experience it from and through us. At her age, Bontle understands the importance of saying sorry and mean it. When I’ve made a mistake or spoken to her, sometimes unknowingly, in an untoward manner, she always calls me out. Heck, she calls everyone out!

3. Farting is healthy

All of human race farts. Some animals do too. So why is it that our parents instilled in us, the “fear of God” about farting? According to Harvard Health Publishing, this is healthy and “every human being does it at least 14 times a day”. So, why was it so taboo? Why should it still be taboo to pass gas? In my household, we do this freely. We have normalised it to a point where we’ve composed a jingle on it. LOL