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Are you a gift hoarder?

The topic on gifts and a life of purpose is an ongoing one. We all have gifts we were born with and we need to use these gifts to fulfil the purpose we've been placed here on earth to fulfil. Which is mostly to serve others.


So, how are you using your gifts?

Are you serving others with your gifts or are you in pursuit of selfish ambition? No matter the position you are in or the stature hold in society, you can serve others. Right where you are, with what you've been given.

We know of this verse: "to whom much is given, much is required". For me, "much" isn't quantifiable to the amount of things I have or the material value those things hold. I believe it is about serving and/or using what I currently have with great wisdom so that it doesn't only impact me or my immediate family but others too.

I am of this view because I subscribe to the notion that if you are trustworthy with the "little", God will bless you with more. Let me give you a simple workplace example. If you work diligently at the junior role that you hold, your efforts and ethics will be noticed, then more added responsibilities will be given to you, which will then pivot your career to heights you never imagined.

Managing our gifts

We should not be complacent with our gifts, we need to manage them appropriately. Diligence, obedience and determination are some of the good ingredients of management. Management isn't just about managing others. It is even more important to manage oneself to better manage others. Managing the gifts we've been given is part of the requirements to being a good manager.

Our gifts match our earthly purpose, that which we are here to fulfil. Managing them well also means taking charge of honing what has already been planted in us. Honing means we work intentionally to develop and improve on what we naturally possess to ensure that when execution time comes, we carry out the task at hand with exceptional excellence.

Just because our gifts are God-given, that does not mean we don't have to develop them.

Finally, let's not be gift hoarders

Seeing that we all have gifts, naturally, we need to recognise them, hone them, and share them with others. After all, the nature of a gift is to be given away to another person. So let's not be gift hoarders. Let's use our gifts well and for the service of others, in order that we may fulfil our purpose here on earth.


Before you go, reflect on this for a bit:

So what gifts do you have? How are you using them? Are you using them for good; to serve and improve the livelihoods of others, or for sinister reasons, to fulfill selfish desires. If you haven't started using your gifts, what is holding you back? Is it uncertainty about the measure of your capabilities? Is is self-doubt? Are you driven by fear instead of faith? Or are you waiting to perfect something that is already innately perfected?

For some inspiration, watch these video clips on my channel and see how other ordinary people just like you and I are using their gifts to fulfil their earthly purpose:

Passion Conference Reflections:

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