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Nyla and the Magician is my daughter, Bontle Ndhlovu’s second BRAND NEW book.


True to Bontle’s imaginative and creative storytelling, Nyla and the Magician is an adventurous book for children any age until eight.


During school holidays, Nyla went to visit her cousins in far away lands. Nyla returned back home at the island just in time for the annual Magic Show. In typical zesty Nyla energy, she persuades her parents to go to the Magic Show. With new odd acts, the Magic Show is fun and exhilarating, leaving Nyla utterly speechless.


To further engage children’s minds, the book has two pages of awesome, magical activities.

Nyla and The Magician

  • This product carries a 6 months warranty. Signed copies of books do not qualify for a refund.

    Returns and refunds will be accepted only if the book is still in its original packaging.

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