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Communications Consultant, Purpose Coach & Podcaster

Creating real connections in work, life & love

Village Conversations Podcast

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New Episode Every Sunday

Village Conversations is about all things inspiration and empowerment. With calming and soothing short devotions and occasional eclectic interviews featuring ordinary people doing extra-ordinary things, you are sure to be inspired.

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Lebohang Matsoso

In all the time I’ve worked with Refilwe, she is always accommodating and willing to assist. The energy she gives out is so refreshing and super gentle. She is calm and focused. She provides a great and strong perspective on things. Refilwe is a reminder of leading and guiding with care. These are amazing traits that not so many people have. It is very easy to pick up the phone and talk to her, get her input or advise on a topic. She is wise and intelligent.

Katlego Mapeka

I’ve learnt so much from Refilwe. She has helped me believe in myself when I thought all odds were against me. She always encourages me to read and be a better version of myself. My network has grown since I met her. She is truly an inspiration.

Mashudu Gereda

Refilwe has taught me to, and continuously reminds me to "worry about nothing but pray about everything". One thing about her is that she doesn’t entertain complaints but listens to them with grace. Refilwe is solutions-driven: if there's a complaint she will probe a person into seeing a solution or being grateful that the situation is not as bad as it could be.

She’s really special.  

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